Is it worth taking a Yangon Circular Train trip?

The Circular train is unique to Yangon – it cannot be found in the upper country nor in other SE Asian countries – a totally different experience from the Skytrain in Bangkok! The people getting on and off are fascinating to observe. Also many people want to experience a train trip here because of the British legacy and the fact that the trains are not great in the upper country or for long distance travel.

This train travels at a deliberately slow pace which provides you with time to really enjoy your surroundings and get a clear overview of the city (train ride is about 20 minutes, please take note that the trains are very simple, and used by many locals during the day).

There are some notes for your reference before taking the train:

+ Best time to experience the train in the morning so you can have a glimpse into the daily activities of Myanmar’s biggest city.

+ You should choose the local seat without air-condition so you will have an open window

+ You can make some stops to visit the local markets or local teashops. Or just seating on the train to see the local people up and down.

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