Maubin in Myanmar? How about this place?

In 1879, Maubin was founded by  colonial British Deputy Commissioner S.T.Smith. In 1903, on December 1st, Maubin has been legally established. Since then, the town has been known as a district city of Irrawaddy Division.

maubin 2

A view of Maubin while transferring

The clean and peaceful town of Maubin is concentration of many colonial buildings built over 130 years ago that you can visit. Along the cruise to Maubin, you also can see the primitive beauty of Delta side. Everything here is really different from the normal modern life.

maubin 4

A beautiful road in Maubin

On the bank of Toe River, some particular Myanmar villages are ideal place to learn about the local life with the wide area of banana plantation. Sunset here is a without-doubt masterpiece of nature that makes the Delta region colourful.

maubin 3

By the side of river in Maubin

The destination can be reached by a cruise offered by Dora River Cruise

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