Strand Hotel Yangon – The Real Paradise in Yangon

» History of the Strand Hotel Yangon

Built by the British entrepreneur John Darwood, the Strand Hotel Yangon, however, was then acquired by the Sarkies brothers, who owned a number of luxry hotels in the Far East, including the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. During the colonial time, the Strand Hotel Yangon was one of the most luxurious hotels in the British Empire and now a not-to-be-missed place for Yangon Tours.

strand hotel yangon

The Strand Hotel Yangon at Sunset

In 1925, the Sarkies brothers sold the Strand to Peter Bugalar Aratoon and Ae Amovsie, the Rangoon restaurateur. In 1937, the hotel underwent a major renovation and in 1941, during World War 2, following Japanese occupation of Burma, the hotel was then used  briefly to quarter Japanese troops. One year later, the Strand’s ownership was transferred to the Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel.

strand hotel yangon 2

The First Floor in Strand Hotel Yangon

First time in 1945 since the Strand’s establishment, the Burmese people became part of the hotel’s clients. After Burma achieving independence in 1948, the hotel was neglected for a long by post-colonial governments until 1963, the Burma Economic Development Corporation bought it and poorly maintained. The Strand continued being sold in 1989 to Bernard Pe-Win, a Burmese businessman forming an alliance with Adrian Zecha as well as a group of investors who founded The Strand Hotel International.

strand hotel yangon 6

Spa of Strand Hotel Yangon

» Structure and Facilities at Strand Hotel Yangon

After a complete renovation, the Strand reopened in 1993 as an all-suite, the best hotel in Yangon at that time. Its teak and marble floors, mahogany furniture, and canopied beds complement original pieces, like period bathroom fixtures.

strand hotel yangon 5

Suite Room of Strand Hotel Yangon

However, unlike the other grand old hotels in the region, the Strand Hotel Yangon is unique for its architectural past. It has no wing, no swimming pool or tennis courts but it is still glorified as one of the best hotels in Yangon.

strand hotel yangon 4

Second-Floor Lobby of Strand Hotel Yangon

» Role of Strand Hotel Yangon

The Strand Hotel Yangon is not only a boutique hotel for visitors in their Myanmar travel to Yangon City but also an ideal stopover in an excursion for a nice drink in Strand Café. No matter what you want to find a hotel for accommodation, don’t forget to taste the memorable flavour of unique drinks here.

strand hotel yangon 3

Strand Café – Nice Stopover at Strand Hotel Yangon

» List of some guests and their date of stay at Strand Hotel Yangon

  • Pierre Cardin: Sep 22th, 1995
  • Oliver Stone: Jul 23th, 1997
  • Alexander Downer: Oct 3, 2000
  • Keng Yam Tony Tan: Dec 31, 2002
  • David Rockefeller: Jan 14, 2003
  • Mick Jagger (Michael P. Jagger): Dec 24, 2003
  • Peter Ustinov
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • Lord Mountbatten
  • Somerset Maugham
  • Prince Edward
  • Kakubhai & Kasturben Thakkar, merchant who was 5th richest in Rangoon by 1925
  • Members of the hotel, British Yacht club and Royal golf club based in Rangoon

» Strand Hotel Yangon’s Awards

  • Trip Advisor – 2015: Certificate of Excellence Winner
  • Trip Advisor – 2015: Traveller’s Choice Award
  • Smart Travel Asia’s Best in Travel – 2014: Hot 25 Leisure Hotels/ Resorts in Asia (Cited for Excellence)
  • Trip Advisor – 2014: Certificate of Excellence Winner
  • Trip Advisor – 2014: Travelers’ Choice Award
  • Smart Travel Asia’s Best in Travel – 2013: Hot 25 Leisure Hotels/ Resorts in Asia (Cited for Excellence)
  • Ministry of Hotels & Tourism – 2013: Best Performance Award
  • Interactive Media Council, Inc. – 2012: Interactive Media Awards ‘Best in Class’ Website Award for Hotel/Resort Category
  • Smart Travel Asia’s Best in Travel – 2012: Hot 25 Leisure Hotels / Resorts in Asia (Cited for Excellence)
  • TripAdvisor – 2012: Certificate of Excellence Award
  • TripAdvisor – 2012: Certificate of Excellence Award – The Strand Grill
  • ASEAN – 2008: Green Hotel Standard Award
  • Travel + Leisure – 2007: No. 8 Top Hotels in Asia
  • Travel + Leisure – 2007: One of The World’s Best Hotels
  • Conde Nast Travellers UK – 2006: The Hot List

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