What is the biggest local market in Yangon?

Bogyoke Aung San Market (also known as Scott Market) is the largest local market in Yangon. It is one of the most attractive things to do in Yangon.

Scott Market is a perfect shopping paradise for local souvenirs, handicraft products, etc. You can easily find the local stalls, jewelry (jade and jewels are found throughout Burma), fabrics, and even food.

If you put Scott Market on your list, we would recommend you checking this market first and buy a local dress: longyi. You will see it extremely comfortable for wearing during your holiday in Myanmar and also a fantastic souvenir for your friends at home. You can try to bargain with the local but the prices are not increasing much in comparison with the true price, so just try to bring down the price a little bit.

There are some notes for your reference:

+ The best currency to use in the market is Kyat (the local currency) hence you can exchange your money into kyat for shopping here.

+ Please do not exchange money on the streets. Always exchange at the bank or exchange center. You can ask your local guide or hotel receptions for guideline.

+ The Scott Market is closed every Monday hence if you want to visit it on Monday, just plan another day.

+ Duration visiting time: around 1-2 hours

+ It would be the best if you can go to the market with a local guide or local people. They will help you to bargain or just introduce you which the best products to buy.

+ Address: Scott Market is located on Bo Gyoke Road

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