Which is the best time to visit Shwedagon Temple in Yangon?

The best moment to visit the Shwedagon Temple is at sunset when the golden stupas is caressed by the first sunbeams and acquires a magic glow. No expedition in Myanmar could be truly great if doesn’t include a visit to the legendary site.

Observe the colors that change hue over the 100m of the stupas, enclosed in 40 tons of golden leaves that come to life every day. Shwedagon is considered the most significant religious site by the Burmese people; the majority of the people visiting the place he is fascinated by the experience indelibly. Go down the staircase situated east and you’ll find a line of shops selling religious items at the foot of the temple. Among the articles on sale you will be able to find monk ropes, alms bowls, offerings, incense and other characteristic Buddhist objects. While wandering through the stalls your guide will explain you how all these items are used, giving you more information about Buddhist rituals in Myanmar. Climb down through a narrow hidden alley to discover a very crowded market, wedged in between narrow alleyways. Fresh produce, rice, noodles and a selection of dry goods are on sale in this small typical market.

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