Once travelling to a new country about which travelers have not known yet, giving questions is an indispensable preparation for an fantastic journey. Specially, with a new tourist destination like Myanmar in general and Yangon in particular, it’s even mor important than ever. Don’t hesitate to check and ask us any question you want to know about Myanmar because we know that beside the Yangon travel guide we provide here, you have many other questions.

Where is Twante? What to discover there?

Twante is an ancient city located 24km away from Yangon. Offered in cruise program of Dora River Cruise and Royal Green River Cruise, this place offers chance to see the business of pottery making. Additionally ... Read more →

Anything to discover in Maletto village?

Maletto village is where you can observe the monastery built over 140 years ago in antique Myanmar architecture. In the village, the Myanmar traditional fish sauce industry and the bamboo mat making are worth d ... Read more →

Maubin in Myanmar? How about this place?

In 1879, Maubin was founded by  colonial British Deputy Commissioner S.T.Smith. In 1903, on December 1st, Maubin has been legally established. Since then, the town has been known as a district city of Irrawaddy ... Read more →

Is it worth taking a Yangon Circular Train trip?

The Circular train is unique to Yangon – it cannot be found in the upper country nor in other SE Asian countries – a totally different experience from the Skytrain in Bangkok! The people getting on ... Read more →

Which is the best time to visit Shwedagon Temple in Yangon?

The best moment to visit the Shwedagon Temple is at sunset when the golden stupas is caressed by the first sunbeams and acquires a magic glow. No expedition in Myanmar could be truly great if doesn’t incl ... Read more →

What is the biggest local market in Yangon?

Bogyoke Aung San Market (also known as Scott Market) is the largest local market in Yangon. It is one of the most attractive things to do in Yangon. Scott Market is a perfect shopping paradise for local souveni ... Read more →

How can I travel from Yangon to Ngapali?

You can fly from Yangon to Ngapali. It is the most convenience way and will save your time. Otherwise you can choose a bus or private car. The bus takes from 10 – 12 hours while the private car takes 8 – 10 hou ... Read more →