Things to do in Yangon

Welcome you to Yangon – the largest city in Myanmar. If you are wondering about what to do, where to go, what the best things to explore in a journey of Yangon tours , the below posts are written for you. We are pleased to introduce you all the highlighted activities and local experiences so you will get the memorable time in Yangon. Don't miss these useful Yangon travel guide which will companion with you on behalf of us.

Kyaik Khauk Paya – The Magnificent Hilltop Gilded Pagoda

Kyaik – Khau pagoda is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailyin bearing the design of the famous Shwedagon in Yangon metropolis. It is said to have existed for more than 2000 years which serves a ... Read more →

Yele Pagoda – Sacred Pagoda Island on the Water

Myanmar, or Burma, is a country famous for its wonderous spiritual monuments. Some may argue that Yangon does not have that much monuments like in Bagan. That said, Yangon still has famous locations that all tr ... Read more →

The Exciting 19th Street, Chinatown, Yangon

Unlike the gentle and quite atmosphere of Bagan, Yangon is a busy, crowded city with full of activities, excitements. This lively city, is where tourists can enjoy fascinating nightlife, food and beverages. And ... Read more →

Top 10 Must-Try Burmese Foods

Cuisine is an important part of a country’s culture. And as a traveller, experience new cuisines is a must-do work. As for Myanmar, its Burmese cuisine is something really intruiging. Influenced by many ethnic ... Read more →

Top 5 Best Things to Do in an Afternoon in Yangon

Yangon – one of the biggest cities in Myanmar, is the city of many hidden wonders. Though it seems not to have many Western travelers, this is exactly why Yangon is an fascinating destination as it is different ... Read more →

The Best Getaway Attraction of Yangon – Kandawgyi Park

Yangon is a bustling and busy city with full of activities, especially during the afternoon, nighttime. Traveling in such an exciting city is quite an experience indeed. However, there will be moments when we f ... Read more →

Strand Hotel Yangon – The Real Paradise in Yangon

» History of the Strand Hotel Yangon Built by the British entrepreneur John Darwood, the Strand Hotel Yangon, however, was then acquired by the Sarkies brothers, who owned a number of luxry hotels in the Far Ea ... Read more →

Sule Pagoda – A Factor to Perfect Exploration in Yangon City

» About Sule Pagoda As only a small pagoda located in the city center, the Sule Pagoda in Yangon City is still a highlight for a travel to Burma. This Buddha pagoda (in Burmese: Kyaik Athok Zedi) is surrounded ... Read more →

Golden Rock – The Mysterious Stone with Supernatural Power

» About Golden Rock The huge Golden Rock is what makes the Mount Kyaiktiyo (Kyite Htee Yoe) famous. Perched at the summit of the mountain, the Golden Rock in Myanmar is one of three most sacred religious sites ... Read more →