3 Best Ways to Travel from Yangon to Bagan

Yangon and Bagan are the must-see destinations of Myanmar. We guarantee that these places are different from all the cities you have travelled in your life.

As Yangon is the country’s busiest international airport and most of you will arrive in Yangon on the first day, so few nights in Yangon will help you to have brief introduction about Myanmar. And the next destination we highly recommend you to visit is Bagan, which is recently recognized as UNESCO World Heritage with more than 3000 ancient temples constructed in the 11th -13th century.

So, how can you travel from Yangon to Bagan? Depending on your time, budget and also your travel style, you will find a suitable way for yourself.

Here below is our information for transportation from Yangon to Bagan. You can choose a prefect option, but keep in mind that, all of these journeys will bring you unforgettable experiences about a fantastic holiday in Myanmar.

1. Overnight Bus from Yangon to Bagan

Bagan is 611km far from Yangon. Normally the overnight bus will take around 9 – 10 hours. The road condition is good and the overnight bus quality is better than you imagine about transportation services in Myanmar.

Overnight bus from Yangon to Bagan

Overnight bus from Yangon to Bagan

Traveling with overnight bus can save you quite a lot of money (the bus ticket is around 20USD/person for a VIP bus with air conditioned, plus you can save 1 night hotel). It is a very good choice if you are not car sick and can sleep on the bus as it is quite noisy if you travel with local people and the driver turn on Burmese music.

The bus normally leaves Yangon at 6.00pm and arrives in Bagan around 4.00am (the next day). So if you choose an overnight bus, make sure to book your hotels in Bagan in advance and prepare for the transfer from bus station to your hotel.

2. Local Train from Yangon to Bagan

The local train standard in Myanmar is not as great as other countries in Asia such as Vietnam or Thailand, etc. The speed is incredible slow, the train is noisy and your bed in the cabin is quite hard to sleep. If you are looking for a beautiful scenic when traveling by train, don’t be let down as we will warn you in advance, the scenery isn’t all beautiful.  You will pass many local villages which may be some of the lowest living conditions you’ve seen in your travel. But the most memorable feelings about transferring by local train from Yangon to Bagan is 15-17 hours on the bumpy ride.

Overnight Train from Yangon to Bagan 2

The train ticket cannot be bought at the train station and you must to buy train ticket from some travel agents in Yangon center. The tickets are from 35 to 50USD/ soft sleeper/ ticket. No food or drink is included in the ticket fare so you should prepare some snack or drink for your long journey to Bagan. Or you can buy snack on the train.

overnight train from yangon to bagan

The train normally leaves at 4.00pm from Yangon train station and arrives Bagan around 10.00am (the next day).

3. Short Flight from Yangon to Bagan

flight from yangon to bagan

Flight is the easiest way to travel from Yangon to Bagan. If you do not have much time and you do not want to spend a long time on an overnight bus/ train, you absolutely should take a plane. Air Bagan is probably the best airline flying the route, but you can also choose from Myanmar Airways, and Air Mandalay.

yangon to bagan 2

The air fare is quite high: from 95 – 155USD/ ticket depending on booking time and airway company. If you choose this option, you should book the hotel in Bagan in advance and also airport transfer from Bagan’s Nyaung-U Airport to your hotel.

» Note: You are required to buy Bagan Archaeological ticket of 25,000 MMK ($22USD) when leaving the terminal. Bagan airport does not have ATMs or exchange services so make sure you have enough Myanmar kyat for your trip here.

yangon to bagan 3

» Apart from that, river cruises are also an interesting way to get from Yangon to Bagan with a lot of good experiences, take a look at Yangon Bagan Cruises and find your best trip with us!

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  1. Jean-Michel BOSC says:

    Good eavening,

    Can you tell me how can I book 2 sleepers for a Yangon /Bagan trip ? with which Company or travel agency?
    Is it possible to do it a few days before departure?
    Expected departure between 04 and 06 November (2016)

  2. Leigh dowsett says:

    Do yo u have availability for two tickets Yangon to bagan bus tonight? Thanks

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Dear Leigh Dowsett,

      Many thanks for your question,

      I would like to inform that ticket from Yangon to Bagan is always available for both of you. Please email to us via info@myanmarprivateholidays.com to receive the detailed information,

      With my warmest regards,

      Myanmar Private Holidays,

  3. Angi says:

    We plan to go to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle lake and back to Yangon, we have 20 days to travel, and we are on a budget so we want to travel by train from one place to another,can we buy train ticket inadvance and does the train have aircon. we go on 1st Aug 2017. Thanks.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Angi,

      Many thanks for your comment,

      I would like to inform that the train ticket will have no e-ticket so you could buy ticket at Railway Station and the train in Myanmar will not have air-condition. Hence, I recommend you take your travel on bus instead. Kindly find our suggestion as below.

      Yangon – Bagan: overnight bus
      Bagan – Mandalay: Full day cruise or half day bus (no overnight bus)
      Mandalay – Inle: half day bus or overnight bus
      Inle – Yangon: overnight bus

      Please contact to me at sales@myanmarprivateholidays.com if you need more information, I am willing to asssit you at anytime,

      With my warmest regards,

      Myanmar Private Holidays

  4. Mriesha Patel says:

    Hi there we are travelling to Myanmar from February 11TH and have a flight out on February 22nd… We fly into yangon and wanted to go to yangon bagan inle lake and Mandalay. Could you advise us how to do this in the time we have please? Many thanks.

    Mriesha and Richard

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Mriesha Patel,

      Many thanks for your comment,

      As your inquiry, I would like to recommend an itinerary as below.
      Day 1 (11-Feb): Yangon Arrival – Free Day
      Day 2 (12-Feb): Yangon City Tour (Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda, Chinatown, Bokyoke Market, Circular Train, Karaweik Palace, Shwedagon Pagoda for sunset)
      Day 3 (13-Feb): Full Day Bago Day Trip
      Day 4 (14-Feb): Fly to Bagan – Sightseeing (visiting temples, pagoda in Bagan, visit lacquare workshop, enjoy sunset from the highest pagoda)
      Day 5 (15-Feb): Bagan Exploration (visiting temples, pagoda in Bagan, take a horse cart to travel around Minanthu Village)
      Day 6 (16-Feb): Bagan – Popa – Bagan
      Day 7 (17-Feb): Fly to Mandalay – City Tour (Mahamuni Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Shwenandaw Monastery, Mandalay Palace)
      Day 8 (18-Feb): Mingun – Sagaing – Amarapura (Mingun Bell, Hisnbyume Pagoda, Mingun Pagoda, Swan Oo Pon Nya Shin, U Min Thone Sae, Sagaing Market, U Bein Bridge for Sunset)
      Day 9 (19-Feb): Fly to Heho – Inle Sightseeing (Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, Nga Phe Chaung Monastery, Nam Pan Village)
      Day 10 (20-Feb): Full Day Kakku Trip
      Day 11 (21-Feb): Indein – Fly to Yangon
      Day 12 (22-Feb): Free day – Yangon Departure

      Please contact me if you need any further information,

      With my warmest regards,
      Thank you for your interest in our article on https://yangondaytours.com/, a member of Myanmar Private Holidays: http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/

  5. Sojoung Ahn says:

    Hi, how can I book a roundtrip overnight bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan from April 7th-April 10th

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Sojoung Ahn,

      Many thanks for your comment,

      As your question, you could go to Aung Mingalar Bus Station to buy a ticket directly, On the other hand, you could check the website to book bus ticket as Starticket or Myanmar Bus Ticket.

      With my warmest regards,
      Thank you for your interest in our article on https://yangondaytours.com/, a member of Myanmar Private Holidays: http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/

  6. Carol Mercado says:

    Good day!

    How much will cost of tour Mount Popa Day Trip from Bagan for 1 person?

    Thank you

  7. Sebastian Kluge says:

    Dear Private Holiday People,
    I’m planning to spend about 20 days in Myanmar at the end of March and in early April this year.
    Starting in Yangon (4 nights), I wish to visit the Bagan Area, Nay Pyi Taw, Inle Lake and Mandalay (3 nights) from where I am scheduled to depart the country again.
    Here is my question, asking for your expert advice:
    What would be the best routing — starting from Yangon — to visit Nay Pyi Taw (2 or 3 nights), Bagan (4 or 5 nights) and Inle (3 or 4 nights) without unnecessary detours in order to not lose too much time travelling between destinations and to arrive at Mandalay as the end-point of my journey?
    Many thanks in advance for your route proposal.
    Kind regards

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi, Sebastian

      We recommend you to cut out 1 or 2 days in Yangon for spending more time in Inle Lake, especially for trekking from Inle to Kalaw. For itinerary request, please contact our travel consultant to get more details.

      With my warmest regards,
      Thank you for your interest in our article on https://yangondaytours.com/, a member of Myanmar Private Holidays: http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/

  8. Carmen Miralo says:

    How far is Agga Youth Hotel from the airport?.thanks

  9. Fahim says:

    Dear Myanmar Private Holidays

    We’re planning a trip to Myanmar – arrive morning of Friday June 2 and leave Monday June 5 evening (fly into Yangon). We would like to do some sightseeing in Yangon on June 2 and then the following day try to make an overnight trip to see Bagan / Mount Popa.

    I suspect our plan is a bit ambitious but would like a suggestion on an itinerary and suggestions on how to get to Bagan from Yangon (as well as quotes on travel costs, hotel in Bagan etc.)

    Many thanks

  10. yanling says:

    Hi, can i check what a 4 day myanmmar tour will be like? I’m thinking of spending 4 days in yangon and 4 days in either vietnam or Cambodia.

    Thank you.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Yanling,

      Our travel consultant will contact you as soon as possible with the best option of tour.

      If you have any further requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us!

      Thank you!

      Myanmar Private Holidays

  11. SS HIRA says:

    I will be travelling from New Delhi India to Yangoon via Bangkook. My flight will be reaching Yangoon at 19/45. Can I catch any bus for Bagan on the same day

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Hira,

      Our travel consultant has replied to your email with tour option

      Please check your email and don’t hesitate to contact us if your have further requirement

      Thank you! Have a nice day! 🙂

      Myanmar Private Holidays

  12. Kasia says:


    What is the best way to go to Loikaw from Yangon and to visit the hill villages from/around Loikaw?

    Thank you!

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Kasia,

      To get to Loikaw from Yangon, you should take overnight bus of which duration is about 13 hours. For getting around, tuk-tuk and taxi are the best recommendation at the present. Besides, you also can hire bicycle or simply just walking around.

      If interested, don’t hesitate to contact us to customize your favourite trip at best price.

      Thank you and have nice trip!

      Myanmar Private Holidays

  13. Quang says:

    My friend and I will travel to Yangon from 15 – 22 October. We will land at 10:25AM on 15/10 and fly at 11:15AM 22/10. We would like to visit Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon as well but it seems abit tight. Could you recommend us a schedule? Can we also visit Inle Lake?

    Thank you

  14. Yin Khoo says:


    I am looking at travelling to Myanmar for around one week 22/10 – 29/10 this year.
    Can you recommend an itinerary for this amount of time?
    I will be travelling with my parents who don’t really like trekking but love seeing temples and enjoying culture of other countries.

    I look forward to hearing from you. We will be flying to and from Kuala Lumpur


  15. Abelardo says:

    Myanmar, i guess is the best Asian country to travel. Well, anyway i would like to ask for some suggestions/assistance ,as this is our first time to travel in Myanmar. From Yangon, is it best to book a hostel near Aung Mingalam Bus station?Is it ok to book a trip from yangon to bagan via credit card? I mean we have to book our trip in advance to avoid hassle. So pretend that we are in Bagan. Any suggestion for the tour?also we would like to go to Mandalay and Inle lake? How can we do that in just 4 days? Is that possible? Thank you.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Abelardo,

      Please feel free to contact our travel consultant for tour request and get the best advices for your trip.

      Thank you!

      Myanmar Private Holidays

  16. Chelsea says:

    Hi, I will be arriving Yangon on 31 August and will be staying for 4 days ( until 3 September). I am thinking to go Bagan the next day and do the visit before go back to Yangon. My questions is:

    1. I read most of the bus will be leaving at 6pm and reach Bagan at 4am, that means 1 day visit in Bagan is it alright?

    2. After the visit, is there any bus on the same day to go back to Yangon?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Chelsea,

      Thank you for your question, we are happy to give you the answer that:

      1. The Overnight bus will leave Yangon at around 8pm – 8.30pm and arrive Bagan at 5.am
      2. You are right, 1-day visit in Bagan
      3. Bus on the same day is available, it will leave Bagan at around 20.00 or 20.30 & arrive Yangon at around 5.am

      If you have any question or tour requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us!

      Thank you and have a nice trip!

      Myanmar Private Holidays.

  17. Deepshi says:

    My family will be travelling to Myanmar on 21st of September. Do you have any special tour package for Vipassanan people? Where are the important Vipassana centres in Myanmar?
    Thank you. Would be glad if you can help as my elderly parents are visiting just to experience the history in the land where Vipassana began.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Deepshi,

      We can design open program for a visit to some famous nunneries in Yangon, Sagaing and Mandalay and meditation centres where clients can learn the way of meditation and exchange the experience and essence of meditation.

      Thank you and Have a nice day!

      Myanmar Private Holidays.

  18. Ryan Alora says:

    Hello there.
    Can you please assist in a 3 day tour of Yangon and Bagan (and maybe Mandalay and Inle Lake).
    We will be arriving on November 29 at 8am and leaving on December 3 at 1255pm.
    It’ll be for two adults. Many thanks.

  19. Rosalind says:

    Hello ,
    I will be reaching Yangon on 14/2/2018 (3pm)& leaving 19/2/2018. (8am) . Could like to visit Bagan, inle lake and mandalay . Pleas suggest a litinery and quote .

  20. Rebecca Lau says:

    I am planning a 5 day trip to Myanmar on 27/3 to 1/4. Due to the short stay, I would like to spend 2 day in Rangoon and 2 day in Bagan. Could you please send me a quotation including all on-ground travel in Bagan for 2 of us for the following itinerary:

    29/3 (Thu) Rangoon/Bagan (by flight)
    1 night accommodation
    Book Oriental Balloon for balloon ride
    31/3 (Sat) Bagan/Rangoon (by flight)

    Thank you.

  21. Sandra says:

    Hi there, we have roughly 6 days for Yangon and Bagan in March. Would it be enough to cover both places? Also, what is the most comfortable way of getting to Bagan from Yangon? Is it train or bus?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Sandra,

      You only need 4 days for the famous places in both Yangon and Bagan. Thus, you could visit additional Inle Lake or Mandalay.
      Flight is the best way to transfer from Yangon to Bagan. However, you could transfer by overnight bus to save money. We do not recommend to transfer by train.

      Have a nice day!

      Myanmar Private Holidays.

  22. Elisa says:

    We are group of 6 people and have 4 full days . Is possible to get a car and a driver to take us to bagan and come back to Yangon ? How much is it?

  23. Elisa says:

    We are a group of 6 people and we would like to travel from Yangon to Bagan. Is it possible to rent a car and driver? How much is it?

  24. victor loh says:

    Hi ! Good Evening

    We are a group 8 people would like to travel from Yangon, Bagan , Mandalay and back to Yangon on middle of September 2018 ( 6 days travel) . If possible we prefer taking train on our journey. Please provide us a quote on tour guide and accommodations as well .
    Hank you. Looking forward from you.

    Best Regards

  25. Smithe494 says:

    I feel that is among the so much significant information for me. And i’m glad studying your article. However should observation on few general issues, The website taste is ideal, the articles is in point of fact excellent D. Just right activity, cheers kbdedggdffaeccke

  26. Elisa Mann says:

    I would like to stay at Yangon for 2 days and 2 days in Bagan for 2 people in mid January 2019.
    please kindly give us a quote.

  27. Rosita rasgo says:

    Would like to visit Myanmar 2nd week to April for 6 days starting and end Yangon, bagan, mt Popa and mandalay. We’ll do overnight bus and also fly to maximize our visit. What’s the best way to go around and visit those temples and pagodas. Can we hire van with driver. We are party of 4-5 and on budget, can you recommend 3 stars accommodations close to tourist sites and shops. I’ll skip inlet lake.
    Can I book the bus and airlines on line.

  28. Rosita rasgo says:

    Please suggest itinerary for 6-7 days starting from Yangon – bagan -mandalay as possible using the o/n vip bus. Have to skip inlet lake and lacquer or craft shop. We are planning to visit the 2nd week of April, 2019.

  29. Rosita rasgo says:

    Suggest 6-7 days itinerary on April 10 to 16 or 17 starting from Yangon to bagan then ends in mandalay. Fly back home mandalay to Philippines. Interested to visit temples, palaces, markets but no craft or lacquer shops. Skip inlet lake. Can you suggest budget hotels close to the city or bus transportation as we are considering to use bus (jj Express vip) overnight bus.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Rosits Rasgo,
      Thank you for your information.
      We have orgnaized the tour from Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay by Bus. Please send us a request to Email: info@myanmarprivateholidays.com.
      Our travel consutant will surpport you accordingly.
      Best regards,
      Myanmar Private Holidays.

  30. Kailash says:

    We need to travel from inle lake to yangon in second week of November. We would like to take overnight buss. Please let us know if we can buy the tickets in advance.

  31. ginna says:

    hi i would reach yagon on 15nov 12pm. i would like to visit bagan and then travel to yagon by overnight bus on 16thnov 6pm. are there tickets for 2?

  32. Nicolas says:

    Awesome article.

    Bjork [Romeo]

  33. Viola says:

    I think the admin of this website is truly working hard in favor of his site, as
    here every material is quality based stuff.

    flatted – Maybell,

  34. Erlainne Boleche says:

    Hi, Good day! I am travelling to Myanmar on Feb. and will be arriving in the morning. I would like to know if there is a day trip to Bagan? Thank you =)

  35. Chong ML says:

    I’m planing a trip to Myanmar fm 10/4-15/4, arrive on 10/4 afternoon, leaving on 15/4 evening, would like to visit Yangon,bagan, mandalay n Inle ,suspect is a bit tight on only 4days? Would like to have your suggestions on an itinerary

    Many thanks

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Chong ML,

      You are completely to enjoy 4 places from 10 – 15 Apr as the itinerary below. But it is very rush and tired for you. Only 1-night stay at hotel and 4 nights on overnight bus. Hence, if possible, I recommend enjoying 3 of them only.

      Brief itinerary for 6 days in Yangon, Bagan, Inle and Mandalay

      10-Apr Yangon Arrival in the afternoon – take an overnight bus to Bagan
      11-Apr Bagan Arrival in the early morning – explore temples, pagodas – overnight in Bagan
      12-Apr Mt. popa – take an overnight bus to Inle
      13-Apr Arrival in Inle around 06.00AM – Inle + Indein sightseeing – take overnight bus to Mandalay
      14-Apr Mandalay city tour – sunset at U Bein Bridge – take an overnight bus to Yangon
      15-Apr Yangon city tour – Shwedagon Pagoda – departure in the evening

      I hope the above information is useful.

      Feel free to let us know if you need any further information!

      Thank you for your interest in our article on https://yangondaytours.com/, a member of Myanmar Private Holidays: http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/

  36. Wendy cheong says:

    I reach yangoon on 10th July 9:20am, can I get a car going to golden rock pagoda then to Bagan, stay 2 nights then coming back to Yangoon on 3rd night ?

  37. Wendy cheong says:

    Please let me know the cost of charter a car from airport to golden rock pagoda then to Bagan cost ?

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