Best Indian Restaurants in Yangon

In the last article, we have gone through several best vegetarian restaurants in Yangon. And in this time, let’s discover one of the main cuisine which heavily influenced Burmese cuisine: Indian cuisine. So here we are: Best Indian Restaurants in Yangon.

* Note: There are few restaurants listed here are also in the best vegetarian restaurants list, however, we will include some new restaurants.

Indian Tadka

First on the list is a familiar face: Indian Tadka. So just like its name suggests, the Indian Tadka focuses on Indian cuisines. But in the last time we mostly focus on vegetarian aspect so this time, let’s see what kinds of ‘Indian trait’ they offer.

indian restaurants in yangon

As an Indian restaurant, Indian Tadka serves customers with many common dishes such as curries, other main dishes like chicken tikka masala which cannot be missed at any Indian restaurants. Other notably dishes are Tandoori, for example Tandoori Chicken or Fish tikka. All have savory taste that worth any pennies you paid.

On the contrary to what newcomers may think, Indian Tadka uses simple, yet elegant design which gives pleasant feeling to the customers.

indian restaurants in yangon 2

India Kitchen

India Kitchen is a relatively new player in this Indian restaurants competition, focuses on North Indian cuisine, especially vegetarian foods. Located on Maharbandoola Road, Indian Kitchen acquires a cozy place with six booths and four tables. Though it looks nothing spetacular but that still works fine.

indian restaurants in yangon 3

Currently, naan bread, jeera rice/steamed rice, and curries, followed up by main dishes like butter chicken are the most popular here. Though some of us might not be vegetarian, but probably vegetarian curries could be a change after a long time having oily, meaty curries. Some recommendations for vegetarian dishes can be palak paneer or mushroom masala (4000 kyat each). Despite of slightly higher prices than other restaurants, the values we get here are decent in both quality and quantity. It’s defnitely a restaurant should be checked out while in Yangon.

indian restaurants in yangon 4

Ingyin New South Indian Food Center

Located at the corner of Bo Sun Pat and Anawrahta, we have another friendly face: Ingyin New South Indian Food Center, or simply called ‘Ingyin Restaurant’.

indian restaurants in yangon 5

As we know by far, Ingyin offers widerange of crispy, tasty dosas for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike, as well as well-made South Indian dishes (just like in its name). In addition, they will give you more topping free of charge. Lastly, it is ‘rumored’ among travelers that Ingyin has a rather special dish called ‘goat’s brain curry’… Yeah… well, for those who prefer more ‘bizarre’ dishes then this curry dish is much recommended.

The Taj

In the previous list, The Taj was one of the honorable mentions. But in this Indian restaurant list, The Taj truly needs to be covered.

indian restaurants in yangon 6

Located on the Aung San Stadium, The Taj has a pretty catchy appearance on the outside, surely it can easily attract any hungry souls who have just came to Yangon the first time. What it has inside is another interesting combination between modern contemporary and cozy design.

indian restaurants in yangon 7

A fact, which might disappoint some customers, is that The Taj does not have beverage. Instead they serve juices which is thankfully fantastic. The Taj offers 2 menus: full course, like normal meal, and express, which is for hurry people who just wants quick curry. Unlike many other restaurants, The Taj goes with less oil. As for the recommended dishes, biryanis are mostly suggested.

New Delhi

New Delhi on Anawrahta Road (though possibly the address has already changed) has always been known as one of the top choices for quick meal. Since it is a perfect place for a quick meal, the prices are really cheap. Dishes are served in fast pace, too, so it is truly a place worth stopping by as a small break. Mostly customers choose to have a full thali, a plate filled with various dishes, including rice, curry, chapatti and vegetables. Another dish suggestion would be the highly praised mutton curry.

indian restaurants in yangon 8

Bawarchi Indian Restaurant

Bawarchi Indian Restaurant in Yangon is actually a branch restaurant from the famous Bawarchi Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. Staying true to their reputation, this branch restaurant on Alan Pya Pagoda Road, Dagon Township has proved to be a successful move from Bawarchi Restaurant.

indian restaurants in yangon 9

Just like the style it’s intended for, Bawarchi Indian Restaurant Yangon gives out a royal feeling with its royal theme design. Making customers feel like having feast in the hall of kings itself, though the place is not that big. Dishes offered in Bawarchi are the combination of North Indian Cuisine and Indian Chinese Fusion Food, menus vary from Murg Malai Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Prawns to Mutton Rogan Josh.

indian restaurants in yangon 10

All dishes are special and tasty in their own way, like grilled Chicken Tikka with charred outside but juicy from the inside. Bawarchi also includes three types of naan, garlic, butter and plain, each one is uniquely superb and by combining with other dishes, it feels like a ‘kingly’ meal.

The Marina Indian Restaurant

Myanmar, or Yangon in particular, filled with many excellent Indian restaurants. Though new restaurants are appreciated, it is quite a feat of a new restaurant can succeed in this harsh competitive environment. Amazingly, The Marina has done just that.

indian restaurants in yangon 11

The Marina resides at Taw Win Road, Dagon Township, it focuses on both North Indian and South Indian, and most importantly, Seafood. The restaurant acquires a modern and attractive look on both outside and the inside.

So as mentioned, The Marina focuses a lot on Seafood and it even features literally a fish market inside for customers to choose from for their meal. At first, you will be served with starting dishes, probably the most notable one is the Corn Cups. Next we have other wonderful main dishes, take Grilled Chicken for example (since this is staple dish in almost all Indian restaurants) and enjoy its soft, tender, and absolutely savory taste. And finally we finish with wonderful curries.

indian restaurants in yangon 12

Though it is quite pricey in The Marina, the meal in Marina is truly fantastic experience for great budgets.

Honorable Mentions: Corriander Leaf, Nepali Food House

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