Kengtung – A Trip to The Medieval Time

Located in the far east of Shan state, Kengtung, also known as Kyaing Tong was first under the British colonials and then isolated by the military – ruled Burmese state. Thus, this area remains rustic and untouched till the present day. Blessed with the beautiful nature of magnificent mountain ranges and lush vegetation, Kengtung becomes a perfect place for adventurous activities like trekking and cycling. The trip also takes you to the vibrant morning market as well as a visit to the hidden tribe lying in the tropical forest that offers a great opportunity to experience a slice of local life. Kengtung is truly a trip to the medieval time.

» How to Get to Kengtung

You can travel to Kengtung via airplane. There are regular flights both direct and connecting from Yangon International Airport, Heho Airport ( Inle lake, Kalaw and Taunggyi), Tachileik airport and Mandalay Airport. The airline company serve this route are Myanmar National Airlines, Yangon Airways and Air Bagan

» Kengtung’s Highlights and Activities

1. Wat Jong Kham Temple

A monument can easily seen in every spots of Kengtung is the shimmering gigantic Wat Jong Kham. It is said to be the oldest Buddhist constructions in town which dates back to the 13th century.

wat jong kham kengtung

Wat Jong Kham temple can be seen in distance

2. Naung Tung Lake

The popular spot for sight – seeing is the beautiful Naung Tung lake in the west of the town. It is pretty large which takes about an hour to walk around but it is the great place to relax and enjoy the peaceful surrounding scenery.

The peaceful Naung Tung lake

The peaceful Naung Tung lake

3. The Lonely Tree Hill (Thit ta bin taung)

An ideal place to take the panoramic view over the area is the hill in the south of the town where an enormous tree stands solely for 250 years. It is by far the biggest and oldest tree in Kentung which can be seen from distances. The tree not only becomes the landmark of the town but also a perfect place to watch the sunset.

The gigantic lonely tree

The gigantic lonely tree

4. Visit The Lively Morning Market

The morning market is definitely the main attraction of Kengtung. It appears animated and vibrant in the break of dawn with plenty of vendors selling Burmese products from food supplies, attires to souvenirs. In addition to the lively of the zone, the ethnic minorities in their colorful traditional customs stroll in the market collecting the items. This spot has become a favorite place of many photographers for the infinite inspiration of subjects.

The vibrant morning market in Kengtung

The vibrant morning market in Kengtung

5. Explore the hill tribes

Many tribes choose Kengtung to be their hometown such as Lahu, Wa, Shan, Akha and LoiMwe. Most of them are easy to reach by tuk tuk, motorbike or on foot but some requires a lot of effort to access; for example, the LoiMwe village is 32km southeast from Kengtung which is surrounded by mountain ranges. A visit to the local tribes is really interesting and full of unforgettable memories. The people are very friendly, always welcome the tourists and treat you with their delicacies. The tribes still maintain their traditional lifestyle and customs which creates the distinctive feature of the mountain Kengtung.

One of the hill tribe in Kengtung

One of the hill tribe in Kengtung

6. Trekking

Kengtung is also famous for the trekking activities with the ideal environment of the untouched and spectacular mountain ranges. However, you should keep in mind that foreigners are not allowed to wander near the east of Shan state because it’s quite close to the borders of China and Thailand. You’d better trek with a tour guide to explore all the parts of the regions as well as avoid some unwanted circumstances.

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