Kyaik Khauk Paya – The Magnificent Hilltop Gilded Pagoda

Kyaik – Khau pagoda is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thanlyin bearing the design of the famous Shwedagon in Yangon metropolis. It is said to have existed for more than 2000 years which serves as the religious place of Buddhist believers in Burma and across the globe.

The town where the golden pagoda located is Thailyn – a place where the currents of the Bago and Yangon river meet. It used to be a major trading port but now appearing as a peaceful and less industrial region of the large Hindu community.

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Situated in the south of the rural town, the pagoda like Shwedagon was built on the ridge with the base surrounded by variety of small stupas. Kyaik – Khauk pagoda was renovated and enlarged by 18 Kings until gaining its magnificent appearance today. The whole complex also includes some buildings from British Raj bringing the colonial feel to the scenery and overall atmosphere.

kyaik khauk

A panorama of Kyaik Khauk pagoda

Furthermore, there are 2 strands of the Great Gautama’s hair are preserved in this pagoda. The essence and architecture of the gilded paya is closely associated with the Buddha’s teaching and the Third Buddhist Council making it one of the holiest sites in Burma. Just like any temples and monasteries in Myanmar, visitors have to dress conservatively and remove shoes and sock when entering this area.

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda has its own festival which is one of the most colorful and interesting one in Myanmar. It is held annually in February offering a wide range of the local products such as the traditional sun protection paste – thanaka, attires, food and pottery. What is more, many activities will take place in this fascinating festival as well as the amazing entertaining evening shows promising to give every tourist a great time just like participating in the fantastic county fair.

The lively hilltop gilded pagoda festival

The lively hilltop gilded pagoda festival

Beside the beautiful hilltop gilded pagoda, tourists can also want to discover some nearby highlights like the island pagoda – Yele Paya and the ruin of the Catholic Church.

• Getting to the Kyaik Khauk Pagoda
Kyaik – Khauk Paya can be reached from Thanlyin within half an hour of driving. You can hire a car or taxi with guide to get to the place. Because the pagoda lies on the hill top, you will have to steps some stairs to reach the area, however, an elevator is available for someone who needs it.

You can hire a taxi or car to get to the pagoda

You can hire a taxi or car to get to the pagoda

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