Things to See and Do in Yangon at Night

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is one blessed nation where you will experience beautiful and fun-filled sceneries anytime of the year. There are many exciting things you can do when visiting this country like taking an adventure with Burma river cruise or riding hot air balloon in the ancient temple of Bagan. Hence, Yangon is a place that cannot be missed beacause this is where you will meet different people and also you have a chance to learn about different towns within Myanmar since it is the capital city. Actually, the experience of Yangon by Night is something you wouldn’t want to miss since you get a chance to experience all manner of things you would have wished to see in a city away from home. So what are the things to see and do in Yangon at night?

Clubbing Experience in Yangon

What would nightlife in Yangon have to offer without experiencing life in the clubs? There are several bars that you can visit and party as you enjoy the local beer and taste some of the best wines of the world sold in the clubs. You will have a chance to dance to the best local music and also enjoy the company of lively patrons both local and international. There is a mix of men and women who enjoy night raves in Yangon.

The clubs range from average priced to high-end expensive clubs, and there are different things to see and do in Yangon nightclubs. You can as well taste the best delicacies served by restaurants within the clubs, and if you like, you can as well eat before going into your favorite club. The different clubs include 7th Joint Bar and Grill, The Cave, Mr. Guitar, and Victoria bar. Just as the names are creatively thought, you will find different creative things to see and also do when you visit these clubs.

things to see and do in yangon at night

Enjoy Different Performances

You can as well choose to enjoy life in the other entertainment plazas and get entertained as you watch or participate in entertaining other nightlife lovers in your Yangon Tour. One of the exciting things to see and do in Yangon at night would be Karaoke and fashion shows held in some selected weekends. If you are a karaoke fun like many Yangon revelers are, then Yangon nightlife is a good opportunity to experience this.

Different things happen after the sun goes under including traditional dance performances. Therefore if you didn’t have enough experience of the cultures of the Yangon people, you could join the locals in entertainment plazas where you will get to see different traditional performances. The fashion shows also have several things to see and do in Yangon at night as you can offer orders to some of the best Yangon designers.

things to see and do in Yangon at night 2

Night Massage in Yangon

I guess a massage would be better at night and therefore if you want one in Yangon at night, you can get a perfect one actually. There are several fitness centers to get this and also you can walk into massage parlors in Yangon where you will find handsome men and beautiful ladies to offer massage.

So if you were wondering some of the things to see and do in Yangon at night, then you now have a clear picture of what to expect at night in Yangon Myanmar capital.

things to see and do in Yangon at night 3

Experience the Exciting 19th Street, Chinatown

19th street, just like any other streets in Yangon, quiet in the daytime. Nighttime, on the other hand, it becomes livelier than ever with the light hundred food vendors and the chattering sound of the people. This special street is famous for its delicious barbecue and a popular hangout spot of many locals as well as foreigners. The menu ranges from fresh fish, pork, beef to mushroom and tofu. Coming here, you can not only satisfy your hunger, make some friends but also enjoy the real nighlife of Yangon.

things to see and do in Yangon at night 4

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