How to Travel from Yangon to Golden Rock

Among thousands of impressive pagodas as well as temples in Burma, the incredible Golden Rock, also known as Kyaiktiyo pagoda is the most popular spiritual site that cannot be missed when visiting this beautiful country. As Yangon is the first place that tourists arrive in Myanmar, the Golden rock is an ideal nature and authentic place to visit owing to its location which is quite close to the city, just about 200 km to the east.

The shimmering golden rock hangs in the very edge of the steep cliff defying the power of gravity where pilgrims from all over the country come to worship. Legend has it the rock boulder gains its perfect balance owing to the stand of Buddhist’s hair is kept in the stupa above.  If you wonder how to travel from Yangon to Golden Rock, there are 2 modes of transport that take you to this jaw – dropping holy site.

travel from yangon to golden rock 2

The breath taking Golden Rock

1. Coach Bus

Although you can hire a taxi or car with driver to get to the site but the price is not inexpensive, usually goes around 70,000 – 100,000 kyat a day (about $50 – 75US), the most recommended transportation is long – distance bus. The journey can be bumpy but budget friendly, just about 8,000 kyat (about 6 dollars).

There are 2 kinds of coaches, regular and premium. But you should choose the VIP one for more spaces and comfortable and the price is reasonable.

travel from yangon to golden rock 3

VIP buses are more spacious and comfortable

It will take about 5 hours to arrive at Kinpun, 10 km from the tourist spot which is known as the base camp of the Kyaiktiyo mountain. Here you have 2 options to reach the Golden rock. The first is to take the public truck which costs 2,500 kyat (approximately $2US) each way and the other choice is to hike taking about 5 to 7 hours.

Yangon terminal is Aung Mingalar bus station or highway bus station. The ticket can also be bought here too. Make sure your bus has Kinpun stop (the nearest town to the site) in its itinerary and do not get off at Kyaikhto because this town is 30km far from the golden rock. Catch the early bus so you can have more time in the spots to enjoy yourself. The earliest one leaves at 6:30 am.

travel from yangon to golden rock

Aung Mingalar bus station

2. Train

The price for a trip from Yangon to Golden rock is about 1,000 – 3,000 kyat (about 1.5 – 2.5 USD) depending on type of seat and train class. The train is only stop at Kyaikhto which means you have to take another bus or train to reach the base camp – Kinpun. Train in Myanamar is less reliable. It is said to be taken 4 hours to get to the Kyaikhto but there will be delays encountered along the way.

You can book train ticket at the Yangon Station located in city’s downtown a few days prior or have the hotel reserve it for you. Remember to bring your passport if you buy ticket by yourself.

travel from yangon to golden rock 4

Train tickets are sold at Yangon central railway station

In spite of the long bumpy journey, taking a train trip from Yangon to Golden rock provides a perfect chance to interact with Burmese people on board as well as have an insight view into their local life.

travel from yangon to golden rock 5

Enjoy your ride with the lovely local people

Furthermore, the peaceful and tranquil countryside landscapes outside the window can calm any traveler souls. It is such a great escape from the bustle life of the Yangon metropolis.

travel from yangon to golden rock 6

Beautiful landscape outside the train window

» Let’s create plenty of amazing adventures and timeless memories with Myanmar adventure tours . You just have to enjoy yourself and be ready for the wonderful trip ahead.

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  1. Guilherme Sussumu Fujizaki says:

    Hi . May name is Guilherme I’m from Brazil. I’ll be arriving in Yangon next Friday10th) at 8 am.
    I’m really excited to go to Myanmar.
    I would like to go to Golden rock by train. It’s possible to me take the train at 12:00 and go back to Yangon?
    Do you have the timetable from Yangon station ?
    Thank you very much

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Gullherme,

      Please find the timetable of train from Yangon to Kyaikhto as below:

      07.15 –> 11.55
      18.25 –> 23.17
      20.00 –> 01.27

      Hence, you should take the train at 07.15AM. Then, take a share-taxi from Kyaikhto to Kinpun and take the truck from Kinpun to Golden Rock (the last truck is 17.00).

      Thank you

      Thank you for your interest in our article on, a member of Myanmar Private Holidays:

  2. Gan CG says:

    I am now in Yangon & interested in Golden Rockbday tour for Wed for 2 pax.

    What is the price please ?

    I am staying at the Backpackers Bed & Breakfast.

  3. Bui Quang Khanh says:

    Hi, I am now torn between having a ONE DAY trip Yangon – Golden Rock – Yangon and staying one night at Golden Rock then come back to Yangon next morning. I’m planning to go by coach.
    May I ask what time is the last truck from Kyaiktiyo mountain back to Kinpun and what time is the last coach from Kinpun back to Yangon? Thank you.

  4. Edwin says:

    Could you suggest some good hotels to stay in while visiting the Golden Rock?

  5. Igor Rogovyi says:

    Hello !
    I will be in Mianmar this April.
    My question is: are there any buses from Kinpun to Yangon, when the first bus leaves? My plane leaves Yangon to Heho on the same day at 3.30p.m.
    Thank you.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Igor Rogovyi,

      The earliest truck from Golden Rock to Kinpun is 06.00AM and the earliest bus from Kinpun to Yangon is 08.00AM. If you could take this bus, you will have enough time to be at the airport before 2.30PM.

      Feel free to let us know if you need any further information!

      Thank you for your interest in our article on, a member of Myanmar Private Holidays:

  6. Sarish Mohar says:

    Hi are there any group join in tours that sightsee in Bago and Golden rock ( overnight ) then come back to Yangon next day?

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