The Best Getaway Attraction of Yangon – Kandawgyi Park

Yangon is a bustling city with full of activities, especially during the afternoon and nighttime. Travelling in such an exciting city is quite an experience indeed. However, there will be moments when we feel tired of this hyped-up state that makes we want to have a ‘getaway’ plan for both our mind and body. In that case, look no further if you’re in Yangon! Let’s take a look at The Best Getaway Attraction of Yangon – Kandawgyi Park!


Besides other historical and spiritual attractions, Kandawgyi Park is also a great attraction, for both recreation and relax purpose. Kandawgyi Park, or also known as Kandawgyi Nature Park, was built during colonial period. Back to the days, people said that British created the Kandawgyi Lake as the clean water source. Later on the area was expanded and formed as the Kandawgyi Park as we know today.

kandawgyi park

The park covers a land of total 260 acres, in which 150 acres is for Kandawgyi Lake and other 110 acres is for Kandawgyi Garden. The park is one of the most popular area for relaxing and recreation. It is also special due to the fact that walking in the park feels like seperating oneself from the bustling atmosphere of Yangon. The fresh, calm atmosphere makes this place a perfect spot to end a day after a long time traveling, or working.

kandawgyi park 2

Furthermore, if you are into photographing, the park is definitely the place you’re looking for.

Kandawgyi Lake

Kandawgyi Lake means ‘the great royal lake’ in Burmese language. The first and foremost thing tourists can notice about the lake is its beauty. From the lake viewpoint, tourists can easily spot Shwedagon Pagoda from afar with no obstacles. The light from Shwedagon Pagoda reflects upon the lake’s surface, thus changing the colour of the lake. At dawn, the lake wears a silver-colour surface, and gold surface during the sunset. Combining with Shwedagon Pagoda, the view is truly magnificient.

kandawgyi park 3

Around the lake are the wooden platforms where people can walk, run, exercise upon. These platforms also serve as the recreation spots. Jogging on the platforms feels extremely comfortable, surrounded by the lake and green lush flora.

kandawgyi park 4

Another spotlight of Kandawgyi Lake is the Karaweik Hall, located to the eastern part of the lake. Karaweik Hall, or Karaweik Palace, serves as the build-up for the beauty of Kandawgyi Lake. The building follows the ancient Burmese royal barge’s style with two golden birds as the base. On top of that is the Pyatthat-style, muiti-tiered building with ornate roof. The backside’s design forms the bird’s tails, with the decorations on top reflect Nat spirit.

kandawgyi park 5

The building is partly a theatre, where visitors can enjoy the traditional-Burmese-culture-based entertainment. Normally the entertainment is available from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. In addition to theatre aspect, Karaweik Palace is a multi-purposes building, including: theatres, conference halls, reception halls, and buffet restaurants.

kandawgyi park 6

Note: Entrance fee costs 300 Kyat (0.50 $USD), buffet with a few drinks and the entertainment costs approximately 20 $USD per person.

Kandawgyi Garden

After strolling around Kandawgyi Lake, Kandawgyi Garden is definitely where we want to stay our foot, enjoy our drinks and see experience the atmosphere around us.

Kandawgyi Garden comprises of several parts, including: Mini Zoo, and kids’ playground which are perfect place for children; tropical garden with gorgeous flora, picturesque sight; restaurants and cafes which are perfect stops along the way; and many recreational centres. The garden area is also a popular place for family, friends picnics.

kandawgyi park 7

Last but not least, many concerts and festivals are held in Kandawgyi Garden, and Kandawgyi Park in general. Typically the Independence Day festival which is celebrated for seven days annually.

kandawgyi park 8

New Year View from Kandawgyi Park

Overall, Kandawgyi Park is a great place to relax and unwind yourself. This is indeed a perfect getaway lying within the robust city of Yangon.

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