Yangon Circular Train – Train Trip to Yangon Colourful Life

» About Yangon Circular Train

Yangon Circular Train is a local vehicle running along the loops of Yangon Circular Railway, the commuter rail network that serves the Yangon metropolitan area. Operated by Myanmar Railways, the 45.9-kilometres (28.5 mi) 39-station loop system connects satellite towns and suburban areas to the city.

yangon circular train 1

Yangon Circular Train

This particular train runs 20 times on railway consisting of about 200 coaches with 100,000 to 150,000 train tickets sold daily. Travelling by train, especially by Yangon circle train, is a delightful way to discover a cross section of life in Yangon. Together with buses, the railway is heavily utilized by lower-income commuters because it’s the cheapest transportation in Yangon.

Yangon Circular Train 2

Yangon Circular Train – A Familiar Image of Burmese Children

» History of Yangon Circular Train

Yangon Circular Train and Railway system was built during colonial time by the British. The double track railway was built in 1954.

In July 2011, the Ministry of Rail Transportation announced it intended to privatize the Yangon Circular Railway, since the government-run system operates at a loss for the government. The monthly operating costs about 260 kyats (US$325,000) and monthly revenues about 42 million kyats (US$52,500). The tickets prices have been kept low because of ministry subsidies, which makes favourable condition for tourists to experience the national trains in their Yangon Tours.

yangon circular train 3

Yangon Circular Train Station in Colonial Time

In December 2012, Japan International Cooperation Agency began its collaboration with Development Committee of Yangon City to develop a master plan for Greater Yangon region, including the issue of public transport. Since then, the train journeys are more available for local people.

Yangon Circular Train 4

Yangon Circular Train is Used by Local People to Transfer Goods

» Stations Where Yangon Circular Train Stops

The loop network consists of 39 train stations linking many parts of Yangon in train routes. Yangon map from train is shown to the right with approximate location of stations.

Loops usually begins from Yangon Central Railway Station to Railway Station near Yangon International Airport, via Insein to the west and Okkalapa in the east.

Some major stations of Yangon circular train are as following.

  • Yangon Central
  • Dagon University
  • Danyingon
  • Hlawga
  • Insein
  • Mingaladon
  • Okhposu
  • Paywetseikkon
  • Thilawa
  • Togyaunggalay
  • Ywathagyi
  • University of Computer
  • Studies, Yangon
yangon circular train 5

Yangon Circular Train Route

» Useful Information about Yangon Circular Train for Travelers

If you intend to travel by train in Yangon, don’t forget to take notes all of this:

Yangon circular train serves from 6:10 am to 5:10 pm daily and cost about 2$/pax. Train ticket can be bought at all stations. In Yangon central railway Platform 7, you can buy ticket at a small ticket office on the platform.

The timetable for departure at Yangon Railway Station is shown to the right (highly recommended because several comments on the Internet about departure is inaccurate). Or you can see the following picture:

yangon circular train 6

Yangon Circular Train Schedule

Notation “R” indicates eastbound at Yangon railway station, thus in anticlockwise direction, and “L” is the opposite direction.

» How to Get to Station of Yangon Circular Train?

The highly-recommended place to board is at Yangon’s downtown train station of Pansodan and Bogyoke Aung San Roads. For the Yangon circle line, you may have to buy tickets in person (or via a travel agency) on platform 7. Enter via the east entrance, at the peak of Pansodan Bridge and head straight down the stairs through the gates, and onto the platform. The very friendly train station manager awaiting in his small booth can speak decent English, show him your ticket and then receive his accurate instructions on how to board.

Yangon Circular Train 7

Yangon Circular Train Station

Hope that the post will be an useful travel handbook for you to enjoy a nice Yangon Circular Train tour!

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  1. Ricci Dipshan says:


    my friend and I will be in Yangon in late September and was hoping to get a quick tour guide for Yangon’s circular railroad.
    We were wondering if it was possible to do a 3 to 4 hour trip on the circular railroad with a guide, getting off at one or two of the best stops. Was hoping for anything after 9:30am. Our hotel check out time is 2pm, but if you have or know of a place we can store luggage that would be appreciated as well.

    Please let us know, hoping to see the surrounding area as best i can!

    Thank you,

  2. Sophia Maria says:

    Really nice experience

  3. Charlesworth says:

    Can I get a train from Yangon to lake inle????


    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Charlesworth,

      Many thanks for your comment,

      I would like to inform that you could get a train from Yangon to Nyaung Shwe, then getting a boat to enjoy Inle Lake. You could go to Yangon Railway Station to buy train ticket directly.

      Warmest regards,

      Thank you for your interest in our article on https://yangondaytours.com/, a member of Myanmar Private Holidays: http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/

  4. Ong How Meng says:

    Hi, I am Ong from Malaysia. I will travel to Yangon in March 2017. I wish to know the places of interest at each station. Can you help me to look for it? Thanks a lot. If I want to go to Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda and Inya Lake, which station should I get down? Thanks.

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Dear Ong How Meng,

      Many thanks for your comment,

      Please find our answer as below.

      – Pyay R.S, Lanmadaw R.S & Yangon Central R.S: Chinatown, Boyoke Market, Sule Pagoda, or downtown of Yangon
      – Pazundaung R.S & Ma Hưa Gone R.S: Kandawgyi Lake, Karaweik Palace, Shwedagon Pagoda
      – Myittar Nyuht R.S: Chauhtattgyi Pagoda, Ngarhtattgyi Pagoda,
      – Tarmwe R.S: Shwnapan Pagoda,
      – Baukhtă R.S & Kanbe R.S: Moe Kyaung Pagoda, Kyaikkasan, Yangon Arnandar
      – Parami R.S % Yaegu R.S: Shwe Myint Mo Monastery, Okkala Golf Club, Myanmar Gems Musem, Kabe Aye Pagoda, Maha Pasana Cave,
      – Tadalay R.S: Naga Cave Pagoda, Swe Taw Myat Pagoda, Melamu Pagoda
      – Kyauk Yae Twin R.S: Golf Driving Range, Myanmar Golf Club
      – Okkalarpa R.S, Waibargyi R.S & Mingalardon R.S: Yangon International Airport,
      – Kyait Ka Lei R.S: Kayi Ka Lei Pagoda
      – Golf Course R.s: Yangon Golf Club
      – Da Nyi Gone R.s: Local Market,
      – Insein R.S: Insein Garden, Arlein Ngar Sint
      – Gyo Gone R.S: Smart Myanmar Souvernirs & Art Gallery, Lawka Chanthar Ahbaya
      – Thamine R.S: Kyaik Wine Pagoda,
      – Oakkyin R.S, Thiri Myaing R.S, Kamaryut R.S, Hledan R.S; Inya Lake,
      – Kyi Myin Daing R.S: Maha Myaing Pagoda,
      – Pan Hlaing R.S: Koe Htatt Kyi Pagoda
      – Alone R.S & Shan Road R.S: Shwedagon Pagoda, National Museum,

      Please review the above information and find the station to get dowm to Chaukhtatgyi and Inya Lake.

      On the other hand, please contact us via email info@myanmarprivateholidays for more information,

      Thank you for your interest in our article on https://yangondaytours.com/, a member of Myanmar Private Holidays: http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/

  5. Douglas McLeod says:

    Which side do trains travel on ?

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Dear Douglas,

      I would like to answer your question that the trains will run both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

      There will be a train in every 30 minute.

      Hope this helps!

      Myanmar Private Holidays

  6. john says:

    Is there a train to the airport?
    Which is the cheapest mode of transport to the airport?

  7. Suchittra says:

    Can I take a (circular) train at the station near the Yangon International Airport to Shwedagon Pagoda?
    If the answer is yes, which station should be the best choice (e.g. not far from the airport so I can walk to that station)?

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Suchittra,

      You could take a circular train near the Yangon International Airport to the station near Shwedagon Pagoda as below.

      station near Yangon International Airport: Pa Ywet Seik Kon (1,6km walk from airport)
      station near Shwedagon Pagoda: Phaya Lan Train Station (1,8km walk from pagoda)

      Best regards,
      Myanmar Private Holidays!

  8. Jessica says:

    Hi there, in town and hoping to take the circle line but heard it’s not running anymore. But I can’t find concrete info if that’s true. Are you able to help confirm?

  9. Olka says:

    Can I catch the Circular train and get a ticket from kamayut?
    Or do I have to get it from yangon train station?

    • Myanmar Private Holidays says:

      Hi Olka,

      To buy tickets for the Yangon circular train you will have to go directly to the platform where the train arrives (usually platform 7 but it can change so you’ll have to ask).

      Please contact our travel consultant at info@myanmarprivateholidays.com if you need any further information.

      Best regards!

  10. Fia Korper says:

    Good morging,
    Is the circle line train available in march 2019?
    Or is it closed?
    Fia Korper

  11. Vananh says:

    Hi I would like to know if the circular train is still running. We will be in Yangon at the end of April. What stop should we get off to see interesting things? We are interested to see the local markets. Thanks.

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