Yangon Restaurants

Finding a good place for dining is also a big concern for many visitors in Yangon tours. Our posts below will answer all your questions like “What are the best places for Burmese delicacies?”, “Is there any special restaurant in Yangon?”, “What food does that restaurant offer?” and even “Which restaurant should be avoided?”. We ensure that you will get your own best choice. Read more our Yangon travel guide for the dream trip to the Garden City of the East.

Best Indian Restaurants in Yangon

In the last article, we have gone through several best vegetarian restaurants in Yangon. And in this time, let’s discover one of the main cuisine which heavily influenced Burmese cuisine: Indian cuisine. So her ... Read more →

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Yangon

As we all probably know by now, Myanmar has tons of oily, fried dishes in all corners. So is you are vegetarian then this gonna be a little bit rough. But don’t worry, there are many excellent vegetarian restau ... Read more →

Top 7 The Best Restaurants in Yangon

» Top 7 The Best Restaurants in Yangon « 1. Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant is a traditional restaurant with amazing original local food. As the name suggest, this beautiful restaurant ... Read more →