Yangon Division


Yangon City

Situated on the east side bank of Yangon River, Yangon is the largest city in Burma which houses a wealth of charming structures and beautiful historical sites. Being the capital city of Independent Burma until 2006, Yangon is also the commercial economic center of the country. View More →


Hlegu is a rural township locating on both sides of Ngamoyeik River, 45km north-east of Yangon. If you are really enthusiastic about agriculture in Burma and a quiet riverine life, then paying a visit to Hlegu is a must. View More →


Located on the southern bank of Yangon River, Dala is a idyllic township that can be reached only by fairy. It is home to rustic fishing villages, which offers tourists many opportunities to learn more about peaceful life of local people. View More →


Twante is located about 50km west from the city of Yangon across the Hlaing River. It is home to the famous  Shwesandaw or 'Golden Hair Relic' Pagoda. Visiting this idyllic township, you will also have a chance to learn more about fish-farming and pottery making thanks to its long-term tradition. View More →


Across the Bago River from Yangon, Thalyin is one of the most important port township of Burma, home to some well-designed buddhist temples and beautiful historical sites. View More →

Other Destinations

Beyond enthralling attractions and stunning natural sites in Yangon division, there is a wealth of magnificent places throughout Burma that definitely make you fall in love. Travel with us now to see what you've never seen before in this golden land. View More →