Things to Do in Yangon for Christmas

If you’re going to be spending the Christmas season in Yangon this year, you’re in luck—Yangon is one of those places where you could never run out of things to do. From beautiful sights to see to the wonderful people, Yangon is a fantastic place to spend any season.

Yangon is likely the first place you’ll visit in Myanmar, and it’s a wonderful place to become immersed in the culture. First, if you’re looking for a place to stay, some of the top rated hotels include Little Yangon Hotel, Pickled Tea Hostel, Jasmine Palace Hotel, Hotel Gran United, Sule Shangri-La, and The Savoy. Once you’re settled in, you can begin exploring the sights!

Shwedagon Pagoda

This is a fantastic place to visit as the sun starts to set. It is one of Yangon’s most famous places and it is one of the few tourist attractions you’ll probably know about upon arriving.

It’s one of the most visited sights and is also considered sacred as it is thought to contain many Buddha relics, including hair. The Pagoda is grand anytime of day, but sunset is an amazing time to see it. As the day turns to night, you’ll see it light up in a magnificent manner. It’s perfect for photos and just starting at in awe. You’ll get in for just $8 and there are guided tours offered so you can truly enjoy the entire experience. A photo of it lit up will make for the perfect Christmas Card!

yangon christmas 1

Sule Pagoda

About one hundred years younger than the more popular Pagoda above, the Sule is still an incredibly attractive and impressive place to look at close-up or from afar. It’s also gilded in gold and stands tall through day and night. In the evening, you’ll see the lights shimmer against it as you see it standout against the deep blue sky. It’s only $2 to get into this one and they also offer guided tours of Sule, but you’ll have to go on a broader half or full-day tour around Yangon in order to participate.

yangon christmas 2

Botataung Pagoda

This Pagoda also contains a bit of Buddha’s sacred hair. Also just $2 to enter, you can also get a combined Yangon tour to get a walk through this Pagoda. It’s smaller yet still impressive. It’s also golden, like most sights in Myanmar! All sorts of Christmas time memories can be made as you tour through this Pagoda and all around Yangon to take in the sights.

yangon christmas 3

Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda

This Pagoda will let you see even more Buddah sights, including the reclining Buddha that stretches out at 216 feet in length! Don’t worry, though, getting a picture of the whole thing is simple thanks to the intelligently positioned and structured viewing platform. It’s also completely free to get in! Most tours skip this over, but it’s very easy to get to on your own.

yangon christmas 4

While there may not be that many well-known tourist spots, Yangon has plenty to see! Just looking out your hotel window will probably be a sight in itself, but guided tours can take you all around. If you’re not up for joining one, the impressive Pagodas stand out, and they’re easy to find! Entering is cheap, and there’s a lot to see. If you’re going to be spending any part of your Christmas season in Yangon, you will fall in love with the shimmering gold pagodas, warm and welcoming people, and the fantastic weather. Have a happy holiday season!

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