Yangon Food and Menu of 10 Local Dishes for Travelers

If wandering around the Yangon city center, tourists will have chance to enjoy scrumptious Yangon food like Nangyi thoke, Kauknyintok, Koh Puo or Bein Mont,…

1. E Kya Kway – A Popular Yangon Food Which Can Be Found in Streets

E kya way is favorite breakfast of the Burmese, made of rice flour and fried, looks quite similar to Vietnam’s snack. It is usually dipped in coffee or tea, or can also be served with rice soup and Mohinga fish noodle.

yangon food

E kya way

2. Roti – A Favourite Yangon Food Loved by Gourmet Travelers

Located between India and China, Myanmar is affected by culture, customs and cuisine of both these powers, and roti dish is a typical example. Roti is a flatbread dishes from India made from fats such as butter, sugar, milk, eggs and flour.

yangon food 2


3. Nangyi thoke – A Yangon Food Looks Like Spaghetti

This is dried noodle with slightly thicker noodles, served with chicken, fish steaks, boiled eggs and price. Guests can easily see a lot from the food vendors on the sidewalk Yangon selling this attractive dish.

yangon food 3

Nangyi Thoke

4. Samosa salad – Indispensable Image of Yangon Food

Samosa salad or “thoke”, is the main dish in the culinary culture of Myanmar. Samosa flavors and ingredients of each seller are different, but basically it includes chopped samosa (triangle fried bread with potato, turmeric, bean), green beans, cabbage, shallot and tomatoes. Add a few leaves of fresh mint or coriander, and a few drops of lemon juice for extra tasty dishes.

yangon food 4

Samosa Salad

5. Koh Pieh – A Yangon Food Made by Perfect Combination of Ingredients

The cake is made from glutinous rice, covered by a sesame layer, served with coconut fiber, a little salt and pepper. No matter what style of Yangon tours you are enjoying, as long as you walk around street, you will see many stalls selling this delicous food.

yangon food 5

Koh Pieh

6. Koh Puo – A Simple Yangon Food but Delicous

The cake is made from black or white glutinous rice, but is grilled over charcoal. This dish is served with a syrup made from jaggery.

yangon food 6

Koh Puo

7. Mont Lone Yay Paw – Yangon Food in Chinese and Japanese Appearance

This is a favorite traditional pudding, often eaten at Thingyan festival. This cake looks similar with Chinese Tangyuan cake or Japanese Mochi. Basically, this cake made from glutinous rice flour, jaggery, coconut and wrapped in banana leaves.

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yangon food 7

Mont Lone Yay Paw

8. Kauknyintok – Soft and Tasty Yangon Food

If you love bananas, it would be the Kauknyintok that you should not ignore. Raw materials of this snack are banana, coconut and sugar, covered with plastic outer layer of sticky fragrant rice.

yangon food 8


9. Bein Mont – Yangon Food in Shape of Bread

This is a famous fried bread on the streets in Yangon, which is sold in the afternoon. This delicious cake is made from glutinous rice flour, sliced fresh coconut and almonds.

yangon food 8

Bein Mont

10. Dosa – A Familiar Yangon Food of Local

A crepe cakes or pancakes made from fermented rice flour originating from South India. Dosa is used mainly for breakfast and are sold in most of the restaurants on the streets of Yangon. Besides Myanmar, this dish is very popular in some countries such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

yangon food 9


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